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Renting a Dumpster vs. Affordable Hauling Junk Removal


Dumpster Rentals:


             Time consuming- Some roll off services take up to 2 days to drop off or pick up their dumpsters and most are not available on the weekends.


             InconvenientDumpsters take up a lot of space and can only be placed in certain areas sometimes making it difficult to load or are placed too far from the material to be picked up.


             Dumpsters are very heavy and if placed on pea gravel or pavement they will leave deep scratches and gouges.


             Dumpster rentals are very expensive– Rates usually depend on size but even the smallest dumpster rentals usually start at 350$ and up.


             Dumpsters don’t load themselves and with the high sides of the dumpsters and depending on where they are placed can make it very hard and time consuming to load.


Affordable Hauling Junk Removal:


             When you schedule a pick-up with us we can usually be there the Same Day or schedule a time that is convenient for you.


             We are open from 8 am to 7pm 7 days a week, if you only have free time on the weekends or on your day off to take care of things give us a call.


             Our pick-up trucks take up minimal space and can back right up to the pile of debris just about anywhere, and are light enough that they won’t harm the grass or other surfaces when driven on them.


             We do all the work so all you have to do is show us what all goes and we take it from there.


             We are the most affordable in the business with flat rates and no hidden fee’s you will know up front exactly what the job will cost before we ever get started.


             We recycle and donate as much as possible and you can rest assured that your items will make it to their proper facility and not on the side of the road or in an illegal dumpsite.

Junk Removal, Hauling, Recycling and Delivery Services,

Serving Nashville TN and Surrounding Areas Since 1989

We Provide Junk Removal, Tree/Brush Removal, Delivery & Hauling Services in the Nashville and Surrounding Areas. For a Free Estimate and Faster Service Please Call Us at 615-275-6750




To Contact Us:


Phone: 615-275-6750


Why choose Affordable Hauling over the other guys:


             At Affordable Hauling we strive to keep prices as low as possible by keeping our expenses down.


             We haul on standard full size long bed pick-up trucks and charge a flat rate up front with no surprise charges.


             If you have a large job at hand we will come out and take a look for free.


             We always use the proper equipment such as dollies, pads etc. when moving or handling you furniture or belongings.


             Our staff is comprised of professionals who offer courtesy, respect and integrity.


             We are here to help you clean out the clutter so if you have any special requests please let us know.


             Weather it is Junk, Rubbish, Trash, Garbage, Refuse, a Hot Tub, Spa, C & D or Debris, We Can Haul it ASAP.



Date to be Performed

Description Of Items to be Hauled & Location


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Take This Survey to See if We Can Help


1. Do you have junk, clutter or other things around your home or office to get rid of?

2. Do you need your attic, garage, basement or shed cleaned out?

3. Have you recently remodeled your home or office and have left over debris and materials to get rid of?

4. Do you have items that you need recycled or donated?

5. Do you have items such as furniture, appliances or boxes to be moved to or from your home, office or storage unit?

6. Do you need to have new or used furniture, appliances, boxes or packages picked up and delivered to your home or office?

7. Do you have storm damaged trees, limbs or brush that you need cut up & removed?

8. Do you need to have a pool table, hot tub, spa or large appliance hauled away?


If you have answered yes to any of these questions then we can definitely help. Give us a call for a free estimate or to schedule a pick up.  615-275-6750

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Junk Removal Nashville TN, We Come Out, Load Up and Haul Away Your Junk, Clutter, Debris and More, We also Do Clean Outs, Clean Ups, Haul Offs and Deliveries Call Us For A free Quote at 615-275-6750 or 615-669-HAUL


             For junk removal and moving services we charge a flat rate per full sized pick-up truck load based on the items to be hauled and your location.


             For delivery services we charge based on where item is located, where item is going, and what item(s) are being delivered.


             For tree removal services we come out & take a look at the storm damaged trees and limbs to give you an accurate quote.


             We are the most affordable in the business with flat rates and no hidden fee’s you will know up front exactly what the job will cost before we ever get started.


             Give us a call today for a free phone estimate that is 100% guaranteed with no hidden fee’s.

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